The Paani Ka Teeka Movement

Paani ka Teeka is a citizen's movement that will inspire the citizens to become agents of change, take affirmative actions and unanimously come together as a nation for countering the water crisis. The calamity is no longer the problem of a few, we are all equally responsible for the shrinking of our water resource. Every drop of water counts, every drop of water has to be saved. We must continuously look at altering our lifestyles with a singular aim of conserving as much water. A change must come in ourselves, our homes, our offices, our schools, our educational campuses, our public utilities areas and overall in our immediate surroundings, before we step into taking care of our villages and our country. Sustained efforts are being made as part of the project to drive the necessary impact over the next few years.

The aim is to encourage people across our country to take ownership of the depletion, conserve every drop and contribute in your own way for the cause of water.

The Paani Ka Teeka Universe

The campaign begins from Maharashtra and spreads across the country in the coming years.


Bring change to your immediate surroundings and inspire a water positive nation.


Empower 100+ villages through water harvesting, water conservation and watershed management techniques. The project organically grows to 1000+ villages within a year.


Musicians come together in support of the campaign to amplify the cause.


Paani Ka Teeka movement will then engage with societies, schools, colleges and corporates to join the campaign.


CSR circles to adopt best practises to save water in the sector.


Best practises across cross-section of society are gratified.

Watershed Organisation Trust

Knowledge Partner

WOTR is a non-profit that engages at the intersection of practice, knowledge and policy across scales and in collaboration with stakeholders from across sectors. WOTR assists rural communities to assess their vulnerabilities to climatic and non-climatic risks. It organises them in a socially and gender inclusive manner to help themselves out of poverty by regenerating their ecosystems in a holistic and integrated manner, conserving and optimising resource use, especially water, and undertaking climate smart sustainable livelihoods. Being a Learning Organisation, WOTR undertakes applied research and closely engages with institutional and governance actors so that insights and good practices derived from ground experience contribute to shaping enabling policies and effective programs. With a view to up-scaling successful interventions, WOTR develops pedagogies for implementation and organises a variety of knowledge sharing and capacity building events for stakeholders across the civil society, developmental and governance spaces, from India and other countries.

WOTR's goal is to ensure water & food, livelihoods and income security together with a growing quality of life to vulnerable and disadvantaged communities on a sustainable and equitable basis.


WOTR Villages


Hectares of Area Covered under Watershed Development

1.32 Million

People Impacted


people trained from 27 states of India and 63 countries

Advisory Board

Princess Asharaje Gaekwad

Prof S. Parasuraman

Vice Chancellor - Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Mr. Vivek Rai Gupta

Senior Advisor - Reliance Industries Limited

Technical Advisors

Mr. Crispino Lobo

(Managing Trustee, WOTR)

Dr. Marcella D’Souza

Executive Director, WOTR

Dr.Shashidhar Kashyap

M.Sc. (Biophysics) Ph.D.(Microbiology)

Blog and News

A Clean Water Crisis

India has been facing a severe water shortage for some years now. With water being one of the top critical issues discussed in the World Economic Forum over the last few years, there is a great need to address the concern and create a water optimist future.

Do you waste water

Water has an importance that is being ignored far too long. The widely-held notion is that water is an inexhaustible resource. Four-fifth of the planet is, after all, covered by water. Add this to the natural cycle of rainfall, snowfall, rising sea level and even increased frequency of floods..

Rainwater Harvesting

The water you drink today has likely been around in one form or another since dinosaurs roamed the Earth, hundreds of millions of years ago. While the amount of freshwater on the planet has remained fairly constant over time – continually recycled through the atmosphere and back..

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